Drink your own kool-aid.

Sep 22

When I was growing up, I not only went to church twice on Sunday, but attended bible class on Wednesdays, was involved in a weekend youth group and practiced the church’s teachings of abstaining from many worldly pleasures like TV, music, movies, dancing, and drinking. In other words, I lived and breathed this faith, 24/7, not just on the Sabbath.

While I haven’t adopted this religion in my adult life, the lifestyle discipline is not lost on me. I believe that if you’re going to do something, dive in and live your truth 100%. Being a Sunday worshipper is a waste of time and gives a false sense of commitment and truth. If you truly believe in something, own it.

Year after year, I hear the same people say that they eat well and exercise but can’t seem to lose the same 15 pounds. Well, you know the saying, ‘fool me once…etc’…it just doesn’t add up. Somewhere in their statement, the truth is exaggerated: too much food and not enough intensity in their workouts.

Leading a healthy lifestyle is so much more than an hour or 2 every week in the gym. It’s actually what happens outside of the gym that counts: following up workouts with proper nutrition, muscular and mental recovery as well as making healthier lifestyle choices…most or all of the time. Can you still have fun? Absolutely!! Please. I have more fun than most people I know.

Don’t be a Sunday worshipper. Go all in. Commit. Prove you’re alive by pushing your body beyond its natural limits. Discover new physical boundaries and you’ll learn a thing or two about mental toughness. Find your truth.

Take your ‘self’ seriously.

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