Feel the Floor.

Sep 25

Does it matter what footwear you put on for a run? How about for circuit training in the gym or a yoga class?

I kickbox, run, bike, practice yoga, strength train, work agility/speed drills and am on my feet for the majority of my day. If I wear my expensive running sneakers to a 10-hour workday, my calves and low back will be burning by the time I get home: with all that cushion in the heel, I’m walking around in forced tippie-toes (plantar flexion) all day, leading to an arched low back.

Wearing appropriate shoes (or lack thereof) is as important for form as it is for function. I wear my running sneakers for running, cross-trainers for lateral agility drills, minimal support shoes for strength training, I box and practice yoga barefoot. Owning several pairs of sneakers for all of my various sports keeps me from getting overuse or instability injuries, plus saves on everyday wear-and-tear. Being able to root myself into the floor during deep heavy barbell squats makes all the difference with proper footwear.

Don’t forget to assess your footwear situation: it could save you from injury, too.

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