Wedding Tracker: Mad Men!

Sep 14

Kaylin is on a new fitness program (yet again…trying to keep those results coming in) and she’s lost another half pound. With less than a month to go and work busier than usual, the balancing act is just that: an act. Apparently, her job didn’t get the memo. O well, sleep is overrated anyway, right? Does anyone sleep in the weeks leading up to their wedding??! (I don’t think I did…)

So check it out. Kaylin and Mark’s friends threw them a co-ed Mad Men-themed shower…and as you’ll see from the pictures above, this thing was serious. Doesn’t our girl look so awesome? My jaw hit the floor…those arms, legs and her back are killer!!!  At the beginning of this year, Kaylin was 20 pounds heavier and had the discipline of a teenager. Last week, she went to a baseball game: while everyone around her chowed down on hot dogs, nachos and other calorie bombs, Kaylin packed (and ate) her own snack: Fiber One cereal. Impressive! In her words, “…since I knew I wasn’t going to have a great weekend food-wise, I decided it wasn’t worth it.” That’s my girl!!!

Kaylin is proof that if you set your mind to something, keep your eyes on the prize and work hard, the results will be better than you ever anticipated. Since it’s dress-fitting time, we’re focused on maintaining that totally-hot-bod instead of making drastic changes between now and the Big Day. Wish her luck!

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