Like soda-pop? Stop.

Oct 23

A colleague of mine was en route to a doctor appointment when she witnessed her physician smoking a cigarette on the street corner. Weeks after the appointment, she found a new doc. I fully support her decision: as a wellness leader, I believe that we have an obligation to not only lead by example, but practice what we preach even when nobody is watching.

Unfortunately, my friend’s doctor is not alone. There are countless sloppy fitness professionals, obese physicians and lazy teachers out there. After reading this article, I felt even more disheartened. After all, “Doctor Matt” is just beginning his (hopefully) long career and eating McDonalds is not giving him the nutrition that he needs to endure those long hours on his feet. Now is the time he should be establishing those healthy habits that will carry him throughout his career and into a long-lived retirement.

Look. I’m not lumping myself in the ‘doctor’ category; however, as a health and wellness professional, it is my duty to not only promote but uphold a healthy lifestyle. This includes:

  • Leading by example. When I grocery shop, I assume I’ll run into a client and I’d be mortified if they saw ice cream and croissants in my cart.
  • Using a little foresight. Planning ahead is not that hard: setting yourself up for success is the name of the game.
  • Upholding ethical responsibility. Don’t you want to be taken seriously? Come on.
  • Looking the part. After all, you are what you eat. Have a come-to-Jesus session with yourself. Look in the mirror. Get real!
  • Walking the walk, talking the talk. Give up your vice. This includes booze, cigarettes, soda-pop, excessive gaming and tv watching, eating loads of sugar, sleep deprivation, sweating the small stuff (drama queens) and the like. Get it together, people…!

I’m not even kidding. F’real.

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