Morningside Madness!

Oct 09

I was training a client some weeks ago in Central Park when the zen of our session was rudely interrupted. A stereotypical drill sergeant in fatigues and combat boots was hollering at the top of his lungs at a meek and sheepish foursome of middle-aged women. I think we were all in shock, as the carrying-on seemed out of context.

I’m not quite that sure these deconditioned women needed to be yelled at to get the best bang for their buck. In fact, I have a feeling that was their first and last session with Mr. Hardcore. A better-suited workout may have simply been an hilly stroll through the park with a few pushups in-between, which is what I suspect they ended up doing anyway.

Yes, a little tough love goes a long way, but screaming negatives do not create a positive, can-do environment. Let’s have a little fun in a constructive and productive environment, shall we? Join my colleague Rita and me in Morningside Park on Wednesdays at 6am and Saturdays at 7am for a fun, at-your-own-pace class. We promise to be nice, but firm…and after a few weeks, so will you!

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