Change starts with YOU.

Nov 23

If you want to look like everyone else, do the same things as they’re doing: eat whatever you want whenever you want it, read the paper at the gym instead of doing actual work and stay in your comfort zone. Get cozy. Bask in the comforts of sloth-like behavior.

However, if you’re looking to make a drastic change to your body, you’re going to have to bring a bit of pain and discomfort to your daily routine.

This means replacing that 3pm candy bar with an apple and 15 almonds, taking the stairs instead of the elevator (every time) and doing intense 1-minute hill intervals on the treadmill instead of catching up with the Kardashians on the elliptical. It means paying attention to your body and making wiser choices more often than not.

If you know that every time you bake cookies you’ll eat 1/2 the batch, stop baking the cookies! Have to wake up earlier than normal? Get to bed earlier!

Be different than most: practice self-control. Results become addictive.

4 Responses to Change starts with YOU.

  1. bigdogjn says:

    I’m going to share this! thanks!

  2. joel ehrlich says:

    keep pushing me..I can be so pathetic at times

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