Nov 22

Since mid-October, I have been inundated with work, both personally and professionally…and on top of it all, I got a puppy. She has brought so much love and joy to our home and has given me hundreds of reasons to smile. Finding time for myself sure has been a struggle (i.e. gym time, making meals, etc.) but somehow I haven’t missed one workout and have managed to make some pretty elaborate dinners. Unfortunately, one of my passions (writing) has taken a back seat. Apologies for the time warp, but I’m back with a fresh perspective and new inspiration.

I have felt like so many people who make lack of time an excuse to skip workouts. With sometimes only a 30-minute window of time, I have resorted to high-intensity-interval-training (HIIT)…get in, get ‘er done, get out. I actually feel like my workouts have had purpose and I’ve become fitter as a result!

As this holiday season progresses, we’re only going to get busier. I share with you this morning’s killer 30-minute routine. Proceed with caution.

Skoog’s HIIT Workout

bodyweight warmup: active stretches & movement prep (joint movement through full range of motion)

2 minutes jump rope
1 pullup, 1 pushup, 10 rounds
repeat 3 times

10 bodyweight rows
20 alternating forward lunges with heavy med ball overhead press
jump rope 1 minute
repeat 3 times 

10 V-ups
45-second plank
jump rope 1 minute
repeat twice



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