Dec 11

I get it: this month is insane. If you need excuses to live like a sloth, they’re in abundance. End-of-year deadlines mean late nights in the office. Obligatory holiday parties blow the calorie budget. Family gatherings add unnecessary stress. The holidays can be a hot mess on the waistline!

Planning for success will take a bit of work, but maintaining a sense of control will make all the difference in January! When everyone else is having trouble zipping up their fat pants, you’re going to be miles ahead.

Here’s my advice:

  • Eat a healthy & nutritious breakfast (eggs, fruit, coffee/tea). Pack your snacks and lunch for the day. Control your calories when you can.
  • Wake up earlier and hit the gym first thing. You know you’re not getting there otherwise!
  • Avoid your secretary’s candy bowl…or anyone’s “famous” baked goods. Leave Pandora’s box closed.
  • Never show up famished at a holiday party…and a glass of water between drinks is MANDATORY.
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff: the holidays will come and go and nobody’ll notice that the poinsettia plant wasn’t there.

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