Party Detox

Dec 18

Although moderation in all things is wise, ’tis the season to overindulge. From holiday party hors d’oeuvres to celebratory dinners and naughty sweets, it’s difficult to resist temptation. If you find yourself in a waistline predicament, there are a few remedies that might work to offset your dirty ways.

  1. Substitute coffee with green tea. Some studies have shown that the polyphenols (antioxidants) in green tea help break down fat.
  2. Detox with lemon juice. Among many other medicinal properties that lemons provide, one of my favorite ways to detox is by starting my day with a squeezed lemon. Lemon juice aids in digestion and constipation and acts as a blood purifier and a cleansing agent.
  3. Go for a brisk walk as soon as you feel guilty. Even though you may feel like lying down, don’t. Get rid of your intestinal gas by heading out the door for 20-30 stimulating minutes. Burn calories before they settle in your love handles, plus feel great post-walk!
  4. Consume anti-inflammatory foods. Hit the reset button by avoiding animal products like meats and cheeses. Instead, dig into fruits, vegetables, legumes and fish.
  5. Flush it out. Since our bodies are made of 60% water, drinking plenty of it will help your organs squeeze out the toxins built up from unhealthy indulgences.

Don’t wait for New Year’s Day to get ahold of yourself!

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