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Jan 03

Happy new year, friends! If you resolved to lose weight this year, you’re definitely not alone. However, if you actually lose the weight and keep it off, you will most certainly be in the minority.

Most people want to lose weight…that’s why it’s a $60-billion dollar industry and growing. But do you really need to spend thousands of dollars on gadgets, memberships and gimmicks to shed a few pounds?

It’s really quite simple, and pretty much free. Read on:

  1. EAT CLEAN, CONSISTENTLY. Frosted corn flakes, a big mac with fries and soft drinks do not count as food. Get real, get honest and clean it up. If you can’t grow it, don’t eat it. Read labels: if you can’t buy each ingredient in the supermarket, it shouldn’t be in your cart or in your cupboards. Make more meals than you eat out…in fact, eat out less than once/week.
  2. DRINK WATER. Soft drinks, no matter the brand, are loaded with either (a) sugar, or (b) dangerous chemicals. Drop the habit like a hot potato and don’t look back. Replace it with one of the earth’s largest resources: plain ol’ water.
  3. GET YOUR SLEEP. At 8pm, leave the kitchen for the night. At 10pm, turn off the TV and climb into bed. If you must, read for 5 minutes to induce boredom. Sleep will come, and you need more than you think.
  4. LOG YOUR FOOD. Every morsel should be written down…WHILE it’s going into your mouth. You’d be surprised at how many unnecessary items are consumed, especially when you’re bored or tired.
  5. WORK OUT. Unsure where to start or how to begin? There are thousands of free resources to get you started. Here are some tips:
    • Begin with a daily walk, even if it’s around the block or 3 miles. Anything is better than nothing. Take the stairs every day. Be less sedentary.
    • Turn off the TV and knock some items off your to-do list. Stop procrastinating. An object in motion stays in motion.
    • Begin strength training twice/week. There are free workouts online, in fitness magazines and through your local community board. A hungry mind will be fed, so educate yourself on proper form and get to work.
    • Recruit a buddy. The more active friends you have, the fitter you’ll be. Create a weekly “happy hour” at the park instead of the bar, rain or shine.

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