Fight Against Mediocrity. Win.

Feb 05

While waiting my turn to zipline across the dry desert Cabo canyon, I struck up a conversation with the super fit, confident, attractive 48-year-old in front of me. Her teeny tiny outfit exposed tanned, muscular legs, washboard stomach and zero-jiggle arms: I was sure she worked in the fitness world. With admiration and envy, I picked her brain: how had she skipped over the typical metabolic shift of weight gain and fat buildup?

“I didn’t,” she replied. “I was 50 pounds heavier during my entire adult life.” Three years ago, after battling chronic abdominal pain, she was faced with a decision: lose weight or have surgery. The scare of being cut open followed by months of recovery versus exerting herself in the gym convinced her to hire a trainer. Since then, she has competed in figure competitions, run a marathon and is currently training for the famous Tough Mudder competition, all symptom-free. We ran into each other several more times that week in the gym: this chick is seriously hardcore about her training! “The biggest changes happened when I started lifting heavy and eating clean.” Amen, sister.

My ziplining friend is not alone in turning her mediocre life around. Tosca Reno, figure competitor-turned-fitness columnist for Oxygen Magazine and author of the Eat Clean books, became a powerhouse in her 40’s as well. So inspiring. Age does not need to zap your physique and energy! It’s never too late to instigate major change, no age too old!

There is so little we can control in this life…don’t let hormonal shifts bring you down!


4 Responses to Fight Against Mediocrity. Win.

  1. Wow what a great story, very inspiring. Just shows how much we need to be taking care of our own health. Go out and exercise instead of always going to the doctor to get the next pill or surgery.

    Great post!

  2. Annemarie S. says:

    Ha! I love the picture of you ziplining. Awesome blog today!

  3. SkoogFit says:

    Thanks! Your health is in your hands: look at each meal & workout as an opportunity towards betterment, right?

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