Get on it.

Feb 28

The other day, I found myself making excuses for why I hadn’t hit a work deadline.

“I just don’t have time. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day,” I heard myself saying.

I knew it was lame when I was saying it, but there it was. In all it’s glory. I had become one of those people. “Make time,” my agent replied. “Stay up past midnight if you have to. Success isn’t easy.”

So it got me thinking. How badly do I want it? Do I really mean it when I say I want it all? What price will I pay to achieve my goals?

It turns out, I DO have time…it’s just how I allocate it throughout the day. I have come up with a list of tips that have worked for me in the last week, and I plan on staying motivated.

  1. Schedule your day. Need to wash dishes? Allocate time for this task. And do it in the time allotted.
  2. Carve out time to work out. Only have 30 minutes? Make ’em the toughest 30 you’ve ever done.
  3. Pack snacks on the go. An apple, fistful of almonds and yogurt will hold you over for hours on end.
  4. Streamline your schedule. Piggyback errands with necessary appointments.
  5. Learn to say no to social invites. Happy hour can wait…until you’ve achieved your goal!

The ball is always in your court. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find the time!

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