What I Eat.

Mar 21

As a trainer, people want to know what I eat. Everyone has a different palate, but I have found that, like in my workouts, the more back-to-basics I eat, the better my body responds. I know plenty of people who keep chocolate, cookies or ice cream in their cupboards, but I know myself: I can’t be trusted not to binge! I honestly never buy that type of stuff (can you even classify it as ‘food’??).

After about 8 hours of sleep, I start my day with a tall glass of room-temp water with squeezed lemon and an almond-milk latte (either on ice or hot).

Breakfast is eaten around 6am, and these are my typical options:
-protein smoothie (Biochem whey protein, 1/2 banana, 1/2c frozen berries, 1Tbsp ground flax, 1c almond milk & a tbsp oats)
-Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free oatmeal made with water with 1tbsp dried unsweetened cranberries & 1Tbsp crumbled walnuts. Sometimes I use nut butter and frozen blueberries instead.
-2 slices of ezekiel toast with nut butter & 1/2 banana
-2 hard-boiled eggs with a slice of Ezekiel toast & 1/2 orange

My mid-morning snack, usually around 10:30am, consists of one of these:
-small green juice (kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, etc & apple, lemon)
-apple & 15 almonds
-2% yogurt with 1/2 apple

Lunch is between noon & 1:30. I eat:
-tuna salad (white chunk tuna, peas, dill pickle, red onion, shredded cheddar, olive oil, ground pepper) with whole wheat pita
-mixed greens salad with all the veggies i can muster, edamame, lentils or other legume & basil/balsamic dressing
-low-sodium lentil soup with air-popped popcorn

For the afternoon 3-or 4o’clock slump, I snack on:
-2 slices manchego cheese & 4 multi-grain crackers
-hummus & veggies
-handful of trail mix

Dinner is always after work, around 7:30 or 8. We rarely eat out (maybe once/week or less). Depending on who gets home first, either my husband or I will get things rolling so we have time to digest before bed. We make:
-baked wild-caught seasoned fish (salmon, mahi-mahi, etc) with steamed veggies & lentil/brown rice pilaf
-baked organic/hormone-free chicken breast (seasoned in some way) with baked sweet potato & small salad, no dressing
-quinoa/black bean pilaf (made with low sodium chicken broth), 1/2 avocado & diced cherry tomatoes with 10 tortilla chips

As you can see, I eat a lot. But I also am on my feet ALL DAY LONG…and my workouts are no joke. I try not to get too hungry or cravings set in and I’ll binge on sugary crap. By keeping my insulin levels in check I am less moody and better able to stay focused throughout the day. I always have a snack packed on-the-go.

All that said, every week I let loose and have a slice of pizza, a beer or sloppy Mexican meal…but keep it at that, nothing more. It’s fun to have a little junk! I enjoy every single bite because I know tomorrow, when I wake up, I’m back on the healthy eating train!!!!!!!!!

2 Responses to What I Eat.

  1. Michelle Maki says:

    Sheesh, Jenny, that sounds about as exciting as crawling around my yard eating grass but things gotta change up around here. I have a deadline so I checked out your blog for inspiration. Will be printing out your daily menu and trying to change up my diet permanently. Also took heart from your post about the buff 48 y/o woman who lost 50lbs. Will look you up again next time in nyc.

    • SkoogFit says:

      You’d be surprised at how energizing this diet is…especially with an on-the-go career like mine! I challenge you to try it for 2 weeks – you’ll be hooked!

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