Hot Mama

Apr 05

How many times have you seen the photos of hollywood ladies just days or weeks after giving birth and it seems like they’re thinner and more fit than ever? For normal women, these unrealistic expectations to be red-carpet ready in no time during an already stressful time of life can be frustrating and worse.

In the years that I’ve been training the post-natal set, not one of my clients has left the hospital with a washboard stomach. While a few of these Hollywood women might happen to have great genes, my guess is that they are probably (a) getting induced weeks before their due date, (b) while they’re in the hospital, opt to have liposuction with a little nip/tuck and (c) aren’t nursing… which means extra time for 3-hour workouts and more.

Depending on the type of birth (C-sec or vaginal), new mommies can begin exercising 4-8 weeks post delivery. That first workout should consist of exercises you did before going into labor, like focusing on stretching tight muscles, balance and core stabilization. In other words, if you exercised during pregnancy, pick up where you left off.

As the weeks go by, she should gradually build intensity, focusing on muscle imbalances like fixing poor posture, strengthening the abdominals, butt/glutes and inner thigh/adductors.

Most importantly, however, training for the sport of motherhood requires patience. Her body didn’t change overnight. My slogan to mommies is “nine months on, nine months off.” With a new normal of sleepless nights, self sacrifice and dedication to her newborn, it’s difficult to carve out time for fitness…so a lot of self-forgiveness is key to success.

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  1. jcommedia says:

    And it always helps to have an awesome trainer like Skoog to not only physically, but mentally motivate you back in the game!!

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