Why not?

Apr 26

A few days ago, I entered the NYC Marathon lottery, just for fun. A few clients of mine are running it and I thought, “why not? I won’t get in, but I can at least say I tried, right?”

Well, I won. I’m running this year’s NYC Marathon November 4th alongside my clients.

I have a few concerns:

  1. Will I lose my hard-earned muscle during the long training runs? I have worked extraordinarily hard this year to put muscle on these bones!
  2. How will I keep up with my training and grueling work schedule? I work 40 hours/week on my feet!
  3. What food will work best for me during the long runs? Gu, beans and other typical fueling options give me stomach cramps and worse!

I promise to track my progress and find answers to these questions along the way. Will you be running with me?

One Response to Why not?

  1. Annemarie S. says:

    You Go, Grrrl! You Can Do It!!! <3

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