Argh Augh August.

Aug 19

Aaah summer. My favorite time of year is beginning to fade. I hate to see it go, but it’ll be nice to get back to a routine!

Getting back to the grind has me giddy. August is the most difficult month for me to stay focused and on-track with my diet! Work is slow, idle hands cause bored eating, temptation abounds at every intersection like ice cream & food trucks and every sunset calls for a margarita.

For those of us who have trouble transitioning from vacation to reality, below are some ways to get organized and stay motivated in the long months ahead:

1. Organize. Clear off the piles of unopened mail from the countertop, recycle the magazines that never got read and dig out your transition-to-fall wardrobe. When the first frost hits, you’ll smoothly grab your light leather gloves & head out the door. Crisis and serious mess averted.

2. Plan. Will you be traveling during the holidays? Promised yourself a beach vacation in the dead of winter? Book it. Now. Take advantage of early-bird deals. Get prime airplane seats, the best hotel rooms and peace of mind. Plus, you’ll stay bikini-ready knowing there’s a beach on the books!

3. Visualize. September and October jamming up your calendar? Nobody ever got 2 months’ work done in a day, and neither will you. Look ahead to productive and satisfying days of ‘getting things done’. Enjoy the journey.

4. Take action! Sign up for a fall race. With a fitness deadline, you’ll be forced to fit in those workouts, no excuses!

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