Happily back at it.

Sep 07

I’m probably alone in my thinking here, but I’m so happy August is over. Bring on September, routine and predictability. Bring on the busy schedule, the packed lunches, meal plans and scheduled workouts.

Because when my clients left me for their beach houses, I was a hot mess. Long, quiet afternoons at home had the cupboards calling my name. The gym seemed too far away…my trainer even skipped outta town!

August threw me for a loop: for someone who is as disciplined and regimented as I, controlling cravings became a daily, even hourly chore. I learned a bit about myself in the process, however: I’m not perfect. (Who knew?!)

I do not envy those of you who work from home. Stay-at-home parents, entrepreneurs, or remote workers, I feel your pain. For even if you have work to do, the convenience of 24/7 food would be a daily battle for me.

Here are 5 tips I can share that helped me through those weeks:

1. Don’t buy it. If it’s not readily available, you can’t eat it. That goes for any empty calorie like chips, candy, ice cream or other non-food items.
2. Make a daily schedule and stick to it. Crave routine (like me)? If you plan out your day, hour by hour, you’ll stay “busy” and keep your mind distracted.
3. No mindless eating. During mealtimes (snacks included), turn off all electronic devices (TV, computer, phone, etc.) and be mindful of your food. Chew every bite 15-20 times and set the fork down between bites. Help your body and mind register that you’re eating.
4. Get out of the house at least twice daily. Even if it’s a walk to the end of the driveway and back. Separate yourself from the grind and open up those 4 walls.
5. Exert your body. Do some form of workout every single day, whether it’s a 30-minute walk, yoga class or strength session at the gym. Working out staves off cravings. Trust me.

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