The Bangles Had A Point!

Sep 23

I wish it was Sunday
‘Cause that’s my funday
My I don’t have to runday

-“Manic Monday” The Bangles

I have always had a complicated relationship with Sunday. Growing up, it was an early morning scramble: put on an uncomfortable crumpled dress, painfully comb my long, snarly, tangled-up hair and quick (!!) — memorize those ten commandments in the car on the way to Sunday School! Three agonizing hours later, I was holding my best friend Barb’s hand on the way home from church where we’d lose the uncomfortable dress for barn clothes and imagine the day away before nighttime church killed our buzz.

As the years passed, I would go to bed as Sunday’s sun rose in the east…as it turned out, I needed to discover my own version of Sunday and adulthood with long nights of dancing and reveling in seedy Minneapolis establishments.

New York has given me yet another version of Sunday. In this workaholic town, I get just one day off to recover from the last week and prepare for the one ahead. It turns out, Sunday is my favorite day of the week. Without an alarm, I am staring at the ceiling at 7:30 am, wondering what’s in today’s New York Times headlines, feeling coffee and CBS Sunday Morning calling my name.

Each week, Sunday is a “new beginning” for me. It’s when I plan my week’s meals, workouts, my clients’ programs, and reaffirm my own commitment to health. At 7pm, it’s couch-time for 60 Minutes followed by an early bedtime: Monday morning starts at 5am!

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