Go Get It!

Oct 02

Last Friday, my client rescheduled her early morning workout for the afternoon. She said that she’d be out late Thursday and would be too hung-over and tired to make our session. As luck would have it, Friday afternoon’s workout never happened: one excuse led to the next and she missed out on an opportunity to take another step towards her weight-loss goal. Sound familiar?

Too often we fall prey to social pressures. Whether it’s a night on the town, happy hour or dinner with friends, we all-too-often put our goals, wants and desires on the sidelines to please our friends/clients/co-workers. We are the sum of our choices, both good and bad.

Here are 5 tips to keep you on the straight-and-narrow and finally stay focused on those life goals:

1. Everyone at the table drinking alcohol? Order club soda & lime in a cocktail glass. Nobody will know you’re skipping the high-calorie alcohol except your waistline.

2. Going to a baby shower where there’ll be sweets galore? Eat beforehand. Keep a few apple slices in your purse for the post-shower sweet stave-off.

3. Social media like facebook and twitter keep calling you away from your work? Set an alarm on your computer and only check it during the allotted time you’ve given yourself. Practice discipline!

4. Just say no to late-night reveling. Nothing good happens after midnight, especially on a school night. A good night’s sleep means a clear head the next day.

5. Can’t afford that expensive handbag that everyone else has? Don’t buy it. Save your money for something that you really want or, better yet, need.

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