Tootsie Roll Invasion

Oct 30

In all this Hurricane Sandy madness, I nearly forgot that Halloween is tomorrow! For fellow East Coasters, this year’s festivities will be largely forgotten — the cleanup efforts will trump any sweet temptation. But for my friends elsewhere, trick-or-treating will be in full swing. And that’s where the winter-weight gain begins.

Unfortunately, Halloween’s sugar binge doesn’t stop until well after the holidays. Hopeless New Year’s Resolutions fizzle out within days before many all but give up. Luckily for you, this winter can be your slimmest, fittest and healthiest. Below are 4 ways to stay above the fray:

1. Stay strong and leave the wrapper on your kids’ treats. Instead, keep in-season sliced apples, pears, and dried fruits on hand to curb your sweet tooth.

2. Don’t have critters but hosting trick-or-treaters? Instead of giving out candy, hand out mini bags of pretzels, finger puppets or plastic bracelets.

3. Join in on the trickery. Put on your favorite costume and do a neighborhood scare-stroll. Check out your neighbors’ spooky lawn decor while burning a few calories and laughs.

4. Get rid of it. Donate all that sugary stuff to a good cause. Operation Gratitude is a candy buyback program that gets sugar out of the mouths and bellies of Americans and into those less-fortunate overseas.

Will you resist?

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