Nutritionist. Check.

Apr 25

nutritionistOver this long and drawn-out winter, I studied for (and passed) a nutrition certification with Precision Nutrition. What I learned is that nutrition is like an iceberg: we think we know it all until we look just below the surface and realize there is an insurmountable amount of information than we ever imagined. I am humbled. I see that my journey has just begun, and I’ve been in the wellness world for more than 8 years!

Pretending to know it all is a mistake.  Just like exercise, nutrition is a science. Nobody, not Jillian Michaels or even Doctor Oz knows everything there is to know about energy balance, weight loss, maintenance or gain. But a good doctor, fitness trainer, nutritionist or wellness coach will have an open and hungry mind and stay up-to-date on the latest research.

Each week, I promise to pass along new nuggets of information. Follow me on twitter, facebook, pinterest and right here – on my blog – for recipes, tips, and tricks to staying healthy and battling the bulge.

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