Jun 11

Rachel & Me

Rachel got married and the wedding was awesome. With an intimate ceremony, lavish cocktail hour and an over-the-top band that rocked it all night long, they really know how to throw a party. But for me, the best part was listening to everyone dish about how amazing the bride looked.

Rachel put in a LOT of hard work, both in the kitchen AND the gym. She changed her entire lifestyle for the better and will reap the benefits of clean eating for years to come.

Like many newlyweds, and as Rachel is about to find out, once the wedding is over it’s tough to stay disciplined. In fact, most brides gain 15 pounds during the first year of marriage!

Here’s how to avoid becoming “one of those” newlyweds:

  • Establish healthy habits early on. Make an effort to keep healthy foods in the cupboards and keep treats to a bare minimum.
  • A couple that exercises together, stays together. Those endorphins translate to the bedroom, too. 
  • Sign up for a 10K run, a charity bike ride or the Tough Mudder. Always train for something to stay in the game.
  • Vow to stay within 5 pounds of your wedding weight. Literally.

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