Blushing Bride!

Jun 06

Rachel beforeRachel AFTER FR

I’m attending a very special wedding this Saturday – a star client who deserves to feel as aisle-hot as she is.

At the end of February, I began coaching a very sassy, pint-sized, kindred spirit named Rachel. From poor posture to a nonstop career in television and Pizza Fridays, I knew I had my work cut out for me. Each week we focused on small changes, like an easy 1.6-mile run, or eating breakfast. We started basic in the gym – our first workout was pushups, squats and elbow planks. She tells me it was the most sore she’s ever been. Today, we did some heavy olympic lifts.

Rachel’s diet is squeaky clean. No longer eating once a day, she’s eating 5 small meals that sustain her and she never feels starving or 100% full. She can’t remember the last time she had pizza or ice cream and, “I don’t even crave it anymore,” she says.

In just 28 sessions, Rachel lost

  • 10% bodyfat (29% to 19%)
  • 15 pounds (138#  to 123#)
  • 16.25 overall inches

This journey has been a blast: weekly weigh-ins ended in a burst of laughter and high-fives; reassessments were eagerly anticipated. I think Rachel and I are destined for greatness!

Rachel before BACKRachel AFTER BA

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