Getting Sexy Back

Jun 24

Open egg

I have never trained a new mother who didn’t yearn for her “old self” and talk dreamily of how she “used to look” before she became pregnant. Let’s face it: having babies can wreak havoc on a woman’s figure. But it doesn’t need to ruin her self-esteem or affect her confidence level! Some of my clients are in the best shape of their lives post-babies, and so can you!

Once you’ve received clearance from your doctor to work out, head directly to the weight room. Don’t even waste your time on the elliptical unless you’re using it to do some real sprints. Trust me: you won’t stop running after your kids or carrying them -and their stuff- around for the next decade at least! So why not train properly for the “sport of motherhood”?

My top 3 favorite “get your body back” exercises include:

  • suitcase squat (moderate weight in 1 hand as you squat) 
  • pushup with a 5-second plank-hold at the top
  • 1-arm row standing on 1 leg

Obviously, use common sense. If you’ve never worked out before, learn how to do a proper squat, pushup and row before you embark upon these more advanced exercises. If you feel pain during an exercise, check your form and ask an expert (i.e. a certified personal trainer) for advice.

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