Mom vs Mom

Jul 09

kim vs kate

Has Kim Kardashian packed on too many pregnancy pounds? Has the royal princess simply swallowed a basketball? Who does pregnancy better?

Is it fair to compare these totally different women’s pregnancies? After all, North West’s mom is curvalicious by nature and we all know she’ll be back on the red carpet rocking Versace in no time. As for Kate Middleton? She’ll probably leave the hospital with a washboard.

During life’s most vulnerable moments, we should celebrate these unique differences. It sure is refreshing to know that even hollywood starlets let down their guard. Just like ‘real’ Americans, Jessica Simpson and Kim Kardashian rocked fuller figures and who are we to judge when we’ve never seen their doctor’s chart?

I’ve grown weary of the skinny mommy look. Societal pressures to look emaciated have led mainstream women to unreal expectations, unnecessary anxiety, depression & unhealthy relationships with food.

I know we have an obesity epidemic, but does the pendulum really have to swing to the other extreme before we realize they’re both bad?

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