Happy Anniversary, Honey!

Aug 28

Jenny and Stanley 0896

Three years ago today, I married my best friend. Although I’ve broken my private vow of staying within 5 pounds of my wedding weight (I’m  up 8), things are really great. I’m fat and happy. Just kidding. About the fat part.

After we got married, people came out of the woodwork admitting how hard the first year is. I poo poo-ed them away, thinking, “I got this”. Hoo boy, that first year tested me in ways that I didn’t even know possible. And the second year certainly wasn’t a walk in the park!

But I think Stanley and I have struck a chord this third time around. We’ve worked REALLY hard at ‘us’, learning to let things go and enjoying each other’s ways, letting our freak flags fly tall and proud.

So I raise a glass to my totally amazing husband. May he always be arm candy. And may I always see it.

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