Booty Boot Camp

Aug 31


Stackin' 45s

Look what I pulled from the 2007 archives! My lower body boot camp designed to condition and tone your rear-end! This week-long leg-and-butt-kicker is killer. I’ll never forget the “can’t walk” feeling after day 3, but a legendary lower body is earned. Go get yours!



Jump Rope 100 Revolutions

Treadmill 15% incline 15 minutes w/ weights

Jump Rope 100 Revolutions

Step Mill 15 minutes w/ weights

Jump Rope 100 Revolutions

Run 15 minutes



Step mill 5 minutes

Seated hamstring curls 10 reps

Walking lunges w/ weights 100 reps

15% incline 5 minutes

Barbell squats 15 reps

Squat jumps 20 reps

Standing hip extensions 20 reps each leg

Repeat 3 times



Run 10 minutes

Treadmill 15% incline 15 minutes

Step mill 10 minutes

Spin bike 200 standing revolutions

Jump rope 200 revolutions

Speed walk 5% incline 5 minutes



Reverse step downs w/ dumbbells 50 reps

Hamstring curls 10 reps each leg

Step mill 200 fast steps

Alt jump lunges 20 reps

Sumo squats w/ dumbbell 20 reps

Stiff-legged deadlifts 15 reps

Jumping jack squats 20 reps

Repeat 3 times



Treadmill 5% 5 minutes

20 squat jumps

10% 5 minutes

20 jump lunges

15% 5 minutes

20 Jump jack squats

8% 5 minutes

Run no incline 10 minutes

Step mill 15 minutes w/ weights



Leg Press 15 reps

Lying leg curls 10 reps

1 leg squat w/ back leg elevated 15 reps

Jump rope 100 revolutions

Plie squat jumps 20 reps

Step ups 15 reps

Spin Bike standing 200 revolutions

Repeat 3 times


NOTE: Be sure to listen to your body and maintain it accordingly: a proper stretch and myofascial release program are essential for recovery!

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