Demand (and get) More!

Aug 18


Social media is a funny thing. On one hand, I want to stay in touch with long-lost relatives and friends – I love seeing photos and watching lives develop in front of my eyes. On the other hand, some of my “friends” possess really narrow-minded, downright offensive viewpoints and choose to share them loudly. It’s always so disappointing when I am forced to click “unsubscribe”.

I was really frustrated to see an old friend post something totally offensive and derogatory towards women – a topic that goes straight to my heart. Until today, I’ve enjoyed reading my buddy’s wit, humor and seeing his lust for life. But when someone crosses my gender as a whole, I cannot look away and pretend I didn’t see. Harboring hatred is NOT ok. Instead of “unsubscribe”, I clicked “unfriend”.

Even though I bank on the idea that we all have more in common than not, I simply will not tolerate bigoted attitudes in my social circle. I demand more from my friends and so should you.


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