What’s In YOUR Fridge?

Aug 23




New York City is chock-full of amazing and affordable restaurants on every block. Since good food is so easy to come by, most of us buy take-out or delivery every single day.

Stanley and I are rare New Yorkers: we make our own breakfast, lunch and dinner at home most – if not all – days of the week. It’s the best way for us to not only ‘look’ like personal trainers but feel great knowing what we’re putting into our bodies. Since we pick up our weekly farm share of fruits, vegetables and eggs from our local butcher, we buy our meats from them (totally awesome). The rest of our grocery shopping is done at Whole Foods. We have a fresh herb garden upstairs.

For me, a well-stocked refrigerator means peace of mind. It means we can wake up at our usual time each day, have a variety of choices (eggs, oats, yogurt, fruit, smoothies) and plenty of coffee to blow the fog of sleep away. Lunchtime is always a giant, fresh salad with homemade dressing (lemon juice, olive oil, borsari seasoning) and either chicken or fish. We always have nuts, fruit, vegetables, wasa and hummus on hand for snacktime.

But, like most people, dinner is the toughest meal – after an entire workday, sometimes the last thing we’re in the mood of doing is preparing – and cooking – a meal. We keep it as simple as possible: fish, chicken, beef, lamb or bison with fresh, steamed or roasted vegetables and a baked sweet potato, quinoa or brown rice.

It helps that we’ve got an amazing kitchen. I’ve actually been to friends’ apartments and they use the oven, microwave and fridge as storage space. Crazy, right?

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