My Mom: The Athlete

Aug 21


According to my mom, fitness and exercise weren’t emphasized when she was my age. “I don’t think ‘fitness’ was a word back then,” she admitted to me – and exercise during pregnancy wasn’t discussed. Not because it was taboo, but because it was a largely unknown phenomenon. Pregnancy didn’t slow down my mom one bit – she was too busy raising a family, maintaining their small farm and being a domestic diva with duties that exceeded cooking, sewing and gardening.

Each of us was born naturally – vaginally, without any anesthesia. No doula, no Dad – just Mom, a nurse and the doctor (fathers weren’t allowed in the delivery room ‘during those days’). Of all nine births, there were three ‘difficult’ ones: two of us were breeched. And the third? “It was a particularly long, cold and dark winter so I sat around knitting. Boy, was that a mistake – the longest and most difficult labor of all – and my recovery was awful!” Go figure.

So I’d say my ma worked out during pregnancy. Maybe not in the traditional sense of going to the gym and lifting weights, but she had the “sport of motherhood” down pat long before I came along!

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