Prepare for Pregnancy!

Aug 20
Kinga at Giants Stadium

Kinga at Giants Stadium

There must be a new baby boom: it seems like every other week someone informs me that they’re trying to become pregnant. One of the smartest things a woman can do before getting pregnant is to prepare her body and mind for the Sport of Motherhood.

Skoog’s top 5 ways to prepare for pregnancy

  • Strength train. A consistent workout routine that includes pushups (great for core and upper body strength), squats (a very functional way to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles), rows (improve posture to support breast enlargement and nursing) and deadlifts (my favorite exercise for the “posterior chain” – from calves to mid-back) are important for carrying those extra 25-35 pounds around on a daily basis.
  • Get into the mental game. A good yoga, pilates or meditation course will steer your mind in the right direction.
  • Take prenatal vitamins rich in folic acid. Talk to your doctor for recommended brands and start taking them a few months in advance.
  • Switch to whole milk, add some avocado to your plate…and other good fats. Research shows that a little extra “cushion for the pushin” encourages ovulation.
  • Take a conceptionmoon. Huh? Go on vacation. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard “we went on vacation and I got pregnant!”

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