Strength for Life

Aug 08

Today I travelled from NYC to Chicago with my husband, our dog and 5 heavy pieces of luggage. Since Annie requires both hands, one of us was left to juggle all of the suitcases. So, we kept trading places…and as it turns out, whomever had the bags got the better end of the bargain.

But it got me thinking about why I lift so heavy in the gym – not only does it make me stronger and change my body composition, but it prepares me for the sport of real life. From the moment we wake up to bedtime, many of us push, pull and shove heavy weight around without even realizing it.

So many women are afraid of “bulking up” in the gym, yet they carry their kids around, pick up after them (“HEY, what’s this bike doing in the living room?!”) and even, well, cart heavy luggage around when they travel. I have yet to see the sport of motherhood bulk anyone up. In fact, most of my moms are in the best shape of their lives BECAUSE of all that heavy lifting!

Life can be challenging and full of obstacles every single day, so why not train for it in the gym? The stronger our bodies are, the better prepared we are for the real stuff!

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