Strength = Willpower

Aug 27

Tobacco Cigarette

Earlier this year, I did something that I promised myself I would never do: I took on a client who was addicted to cigarette smoking…with one caveat: if she didn’t quit smoking, I’d have to fire her. Month after month, my client got physically stronger. In 12 weeks, she went from 8 “girly” pushups to 20 chest-to-the-floor, perfect pushups. She lost inches, gained tone and good posture. But her stamina was still lagging way behind.

During particularly intense workouts, she would have to stop, take breaks and catch her breath – sometimes sitting on the floor to do so. Her lips would turn blue and I could smell stale smoke on her wheezing breath. I think we both had had enough – I couldn’t take her further if she wouldn’t take her health into her own hands.

Finally, with a little push and tug, my client bit the bullet and quit…cold turkey. It’s been 6 weeks since her last cigarette and she no longer has to stop mid-set to catch her breath. Her lips and eyes are the color they should be, and her hair has a new sheen to it that wasn’t there before. She tells me she can smell and taste better and has taken up running to supplement the added anxiety when she gets cravings.

I’d say her health has drastically improved. I blame strength training: external strength translates to willpower and a strong mind!

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