True Equality, Equal Responsibility {at home}

Aug 06

Gary & Tor

Ladies. It’s 2013. Do you want gender equality? Do you demand equal pay for equal work in the workplace?

Some of the most assertive and powerful women that I know still personally struggle. At home, they are ‘damsels in distress,” awaiting marriage proposals, pushing motherhood until he’s ready, waiting for him to take subtle hints and hoping he’ll get a clue. This pre-1960’s fairy-tale regression has got to go.

In fact, I’ve heard it all. “I’m afraid to tell my boyfriend how much I make: I know I make more than him but I downplay it so that he doesn’t feel emasculated.” “I really want to be engaged before the end of summer. He BETTER propose on our trip to Bermuda!” “My fiancé says I’m losing TOO much weight. Maybe we should stop working out for awhile.”  “My husband thinks I’m getting too strong. Can we scale back a bit?” “Jenny, he’s the one that wanted kids, but now he won’t even change the baby’s diaper!” “I feel guilty for asking him to watch the baby on weekends. He works so hard during the week that maybe he needs a break.” “We really don’t want any more kids but he would never get a vasectomy. Even though I’m allergic to birth control, I guess I have no choice…”

We need to stop all this game-playing double-speak throw-self-under-bus nonsense and demand balance in all areas of our life – not just at work!

Equality begins at home. Want to make major life changes? Open your mouth. Talk it through with clear, articulated, unapologetic honesty. You’ll never get what you want unless you demand it, point blank.

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