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Sep 23

gym fun

At my mom’s 80th birthday party yesterday in rural Minnesota, those of us visiting outside were either stung by frantic bees or ran for the hills to avoid a sting (me). This September, I feel like a frantic autumn bee. With SO much on my calendar, I’m finding it difficult to follow my own advice of consistency and goal-setting. In fact, every September, I demand a new fitness commitment from each client. With summer behind and the holidays looming ahead, it’s the perfect time to nail down some short-term goals. If you’re like me and this month has completely escaped you, too, it’s not too late! Read on…

  • Book your winter vacation early and get it on the calendar. You’re less likely to skip a workout if you know the beach awaits!
  • Sign up now for a Thanksgiving Turkey Trot and commit to health before the great pig-out. Don’t wait.
  • Don’t fall off the outdoor exercise regimen when the temps drop: buy thermal layers now for unexpected chilly winter-like days.
  • Sign up for a 6-week small-group bootcamp and show up every time.
  • Recruit a friend to join in at least 1 workout per week and push past your comfort level.
  • Get to bed 15-30 minutes earlier every night. Then, set your alarm 30 minutes early for a morning workout. Get it done early.


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