Just The Way I Am.

Sep 27


I did yoga for the first time in MONTHS today at a cute little studio on the Upper West Side. Since there were only 2 of us in the class, I happily figured it would be challenging: my body has been in DESPERATE NEED of a good, deep stretch.

Just sitting there on that pink mat, my hips screamed and burned. Every twist, balance and pose took real sweaty effort to strike. My body missed you, yoga…terribly.

Two surprising things happened to me in those 75 minutes:

  1. Being upside down has always terrified me. Every time the teacher instructs us to take our mats to the wall, my heart sinks, my mind says ‘no’. But today, I not only stood on my hands, I also stood on my head. And then, I held a supported shoulder-stand for 5 minutes (!). So it was during these poses (done with magical ease) that I came to this stark realization:
  2. My body is awesome, amazing and strong. I am beyond grateful for this physical self. All of my imperfections – these gnarly toes, freckled & calloused hands, wide hips, massive thighs – are perfect. Yes, these bunioned feet have carried me across many finish lines. This big, bouncy butt serves a powerful purpose: it propels my fast bike rides through New York’s mean streets. And, these big hands work long, hard hours, serving up some of the best recipes my mind conjures up!

So there you have it. My body might have shortcomings esthetically-speaking, but I’m just right for me! And that’s all I need.



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