We can, and we SHOULD.

Sep 07


Overheard: “If men carried a child for 9 months, then gave birth, the US may have better maternity leave policy,” etc. etc. etc.


This is such a tired argument.

Ladies: manipulation might help the next generation, but we are alive RIGHT NOW. Stop “suggesting”, “asking” and beating around the bush for what you want. Instead, demand it, take control, march forward, fight hard, GO GET IT. Become activists at home, at work and in your community. Shoot, do what my friend Bridget did and start a foundation for your cause!!

It’s exhausting listening to defeatist attitudes. When are we going to take our lives into our own hands? Bummed at your company’s policies? Become the CEO. Need more money? Demand a raise. Sick of political good ol’ boys? Toss your hat in the ring and run for office.

Lead our daughters by example and make it happen.

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