Finally ‘ME’ Time!

Sep 03


Me, kindergarten

Me, kindergarten

As my mom will tell it, after I boarded the bus for my first day of school, she cried. She wasn’t alone, either. If you login to Facebook, you’ll see tears of pride across this nation – many of our friends are sending their babies to school today.

But there’s a really big bright side for stay-at-home parents: long-awaited, much anticipated freedoms and schedule flexibility. As discussed in my last blog post, setting your sights on new goals will keep you productive and focused this fall. However, if you’re struggling with what to do and can’t figure out a goal, begin with some well-deserved “me” time.

  • Go for a run. Or bike ride. Or a walk. Getting oxygen to your brain will increase brain activity and release energy-producing endorphins. It helps get the juices flowing and give more energy to your day.
  • Do yoga or meditate. Do some mental flossing. Take a break from thinking – especially after that hectic and emotional morning. Enjoy the silence, even if it’s just 15 minutes. Work your mind-body connection and become more self-aware. You’ll find more patience and gain greater understanding of life.
  • Cook up a storm. Mental health experts suggest that cooking and baking are therapeutic for patients with depression.
  • Try a new sport. Sign up for a daytime league, or take upĀ stand-up paddleboarding.
  • Call a friend. Invite him or her over for tea and pick their brain for suggestions to do together. Sometimes a kick-start from a buddy is all you need.


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