Move It or Lose It

Sep 24


Recently, a friend of mine revealed to me that her husband sneaks a couple cigarettes before bed, even though he had promised never to smoke during their marriage. It’s been 10 years.

Another friend laments about her sloth-like husband: he eats copious amounts of disgusting food followed by hours in front of the television. “He hates exercising,” she cries.

In my profession, I hear about unhealthy loved ones who are ambivalent or unwilling to change. And guess who gets to pick up the slack when he’s incapacitated or worse?

Many couples have incompatible health goals and it’s not cool for the fitness-oriented. In my opinion, this type of relationship is toxic and begrudging. After all, health is everything.

It’s not unreasonable to expect your significant other to maintain a certain level of fitness. Living with someone who is knowingly damaging their health is a breach of marital code. It’s like bait & switch! Even best friends have an obligation to remind and encourage each other! That’s what friends are for, right?

We have a social obligation, too. Cancer is on the rise. Health care costs are through the roof. Second-hand smoke causes nonsensical diseases. Processed food plants are terrible for our environment – plastic packaging, preservatives and bowel pain – why bother?!

So here’s a call to all you lazies out there taking life for granted: you owe it to the loves in your life to clean it up, once and for all. Not only will you smell, look and feel better, you’ll also live a longer, happier life. And everyone will thank you for it – after all, your life affects more than just you!

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