Skinny, Rebranded

Sep 29

strong skinny

According to, well, almost every female-targeted publication out today, “strong is the new skinny.” Good stuff, right? Typically, this slogan is followed up with photos of the same scrawny women that we have been seeing since skinny was the new, well, skinny. I have skinny fatigue.

What’s the deal with unattainable, boney frames being the ideal physique? Honestly, does Gwyneth Paltrow really have the perfect body? I mean, those long, genetically skinny limbs and that nonexistent derriere, what’s to admire? FYI, GWYNETH PALTROW HAS OSTEOPENIA AND SHE’S ONLY 41 YEARS OLD! Get the picture? She works out 2-3 hours daily (doing the, um, Tracy Anderson method) and literally eats whipped air. If that’s what you’re into, then, go nuts. But I’ve moved on and you should, too.

Let’s start with some solid famous women. I admire bodies like Serena Williams, Pink and Beyonce with a bit of Kardashian booty goodness in the mix. Lesser-known, but even stronger girls, like Julia Rhode, Samantha Wright and Zoe Smith deserve MAJOR props for their prowess. And then there are my trainer-colleagues, like Dana Zilber, Kinga Szlachcic and Sonja Price Herbert who are doing it on a local level, working HARD for what they’ve got and are committed every day to inspiring women.

Ladies, let’s flock to the weight room in droves and take it over. Lift heavy, often and embrace your inner hardcore.

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