Captain Obvious Says…

Oct 22


Captain Obvious says, “We are what we consistently do.”

Lately, my consistent has been indulging a little too much in the kitchen and not enough strength training. And it shows. My backside is a bit more rotund, my abdominal muscles are hidden under a puffy, fleshy layer. Overall, I feel less svelt, which does not bode well with my emotional levels. I’m less kind. I’ve been more critical of others and I hate it.┬áMy job is to motivate and inspire good habits, to lead by example.

Well, nobody’s perfect. Sometimes every one of us needs a little nudge. Most of the time, all we have to do is open our eyes and look around: inspiration is always lurking smack in front of our eyes. Like a ton of bricks falling from a high-rise building.

But all it takes is the desire to change, to put down the pastries and pick up the dumbbells. Then, making that same choice week after week!

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