Halloween Survival Guide

Oct 30


One of the most fun but least waistline-friendly holidays is upon us: Halloween. No matter how good you’ve been with your diet this fall, I know firsthand how difficult it can be saying ‘no’ to bite-sized Butterfingers, candy corn and Pixie Stix. After all, I worked in the corporate world with colleagues who had children for EIGHT YEARS and trust me: their kids’ candy ended up as padding on my ever-growing derrier. NOT fun.

So my older, wiser self has learned to keep it moving and just say no. It wasn’t easy breaking my candy addiction, but I’ll share with you some tips to end the annual sugar crash.

How NOT be a monster on Halloween:

  1. Bring your own “candy bowl” to work and fill it with healthy snacks like apples, trail mix, nuts and bananas.
  2. Candy bowl calling your name? Chew on a slice of fresh, minty gum or brush your teeth!
  3. Tempted to taste “just one”? Remind yourself: one leads to ten. It’s a thin-entering wedge. Self-control goes out the window the minute you give in.
  4. Allow your children to have a few pieces of the cavity-creators on Halloween. Then, THROW IT AWAY. Please, don’t donate it to charity or pass the buck on someone else’s metabolic disorder.
  5. Forgive yourself. Fell off the sugar-free wagon? Hop back on with a high-intensity workout followed by a protein-packed, blood-sugar-balancing meal

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