Happy Halloween!

Oct 31


Growing up, my parents considered Halloween a “devil’s holiday” and off we’d go to church. I never went trick-or-treating and it was always a big let-down for me. Playing dress-up was one of my favorite games and what kid doesn’t love OODLES of candy? But I’m not mad – you can’t accuse my parents of bending the rules!

As an adult, Halloween has a new meaning for me: it’s one of my favorite days of the year (and NOT because of the candy). Instead of the devil’s day, it’s a day where silliness takes over the planet. Young and old alike role play, donning their favorite superhero or goblin and act the part, setting aside themselves for the annual tradition of not taking themselves too seriously.

As I head off to work in my trainer superhero costume, I look forward to the subway monsters, gremlins and characters all in good spirits, the kids being someone else for a day.

And, of course, there’s tomorrow morning. I like to wake up at dawn, grab my coffee and sit along Columbus Avenue, watching the annual walk of shame: revelers stumbling home after a long night still in costume (well, half of it, anyway)! HA!

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