Fitness Freedom

Oct 06


For the last 10 years, my fitness has been institutionalized, in turn imprisoning me in some ways.  Every single week since moving to NYC, I have done at least one workout at Equinox, my home away from home. In fact, I loved it so much, I got a job there for nearly 4 of those years! But, after a transitional summer, I’m ready for a serious shake-up.

So as of November 14th, my barcode will no longer get me in and it feels extremely liberating. I’m pretty excited for several reasons:

  1. At $183 per month, I’ll be saving $2,196 annually. What will I do with all that money? See no. 4 below.
  2. I’ve been itching to be one of those hardcore outdoor rain/shine/sleet/snow fanatics. With winter coming, I’m hoping to be put to the test and prevail.
  3. After mastering the squat rack (165#) and bench press (115#), I’m ready to get creative with strength training: I’d like to perfect my pistol squat, perform at least 10 dead-hang pullups, master 1-arm pushups and bust out a bunch of handstand shoulder presses with ease. Seriously.
  4. And, finally, I want to work towards a bucket-list fitness goal by next year. Perhaps climb a real mountain, bike from NYC to Minneapolis, down the California coast or across Vietnam, or complete the Spartan Race Trifecta in respectable time.

It’s all happening…for real.

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