The Mental Game

Oct 04


This has been a particularly busy week. In addition to managing my business (both physically training clients and behind-the-scenes in my office), I began studying a certification course through Arizona State University led by Gloria Feldt – the topic is Women’s Leadership – a subject very near and dear to my heart and so perfectly timed for this stage of my life. It feels like a thirst being quenched.

To that end, however, my fitness program has slipped. I have felt drained, both physically and mentally. In a nutshell, I feel taxed.

Interestingly, a new study shows that intense mental work may harm our workouts. Exercise simply feels harder when your brain is tired. However, our bodies are much sturdier than we think…and this is where mental toughness comes in.

So tonight, I’m off to bed early. I’ll set my alarm for sunrise and push myself while I feel fresh.

So here’s to learning lessons in more ways than one!

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