Rock-Tober Fashion

Oct 18

With the days getting shorter and colder, it’s time to yank out all those layers and gear up for some brisk weather. If you’ve lost half of your winter wardrobe thanks to a recent move or mold, it’s time to stock up on a few of the newest trends. Or, if you’re like me, it’s always fun to add some new gear to the mix – a new top or thermal running skirt is all the motivation I need to bust a loop in Central Park!  Some of my favorite brands are designing their new lines with built-in reflectors, hidden pockets, pigtail-holders and thumb holes. Bring on the innovation!

So here’s my little fashion guide to help get you shoppers up-to-speed. Warning: this blog post might send your wallet for a ride!

Check it out: while black is flattering, it can be pretty boring if that’s your entire wardrobe (let’s be honest). Adding a splash of color, texture or design here and there gives your workout personality. Instead of the classic black pant, I’m really digging on Stella McCartney’s animal-print:

stella pants

When I do a workout, I prefer wearing cropped pants all year long. But commuting to the gym in the dead of winter freezes my calves and shins…which is why I ROCK legwarmers. Lululemon makes some really stylish & cute ones!

lululemon leg warmers

My Hunter rain boots aren’t going to cut it in the snow this winter. I’m tired of freezing my lil’ toes. For the first time in my adult life, it’s high time I buy some real boots. Check out these totally adorable “Siberian Lite” boots by Ecco:

Siberia Lite Boot by Ecco

My hands need to stay warm – especially if I’m doing pullups outside!  I can’t live without my etip gloves from Northface – between sets I can still text, tweet and post without missing a beat!


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