Oct 02


One of my favorite ways to increase cardiovascular capacity is by doing cardio intervals. I save longer, steady-state runs for the outdoors, using a treadmill for specific conditioning drills instead.

I share with you a 45-minute conditioning workout that is guaranteed to push your cardiovascular system to the next level. Enjoy!

Find a moderate pace that you can handle for an hour-long, easy run and try to maintain that pace throughout this treadmill workout.(i.e. 6.5 mph). Run according to the instructions below:

1/4 mile 1%.
1/2 mile 3%
1/4 mile 4%

1/4 mile 1%
1/2 mile 3.5%
1/4 mile 5.5%

1/4 mile 1.5%
1/2 mile 4.5%
1/4 mile 6.5%

Then, perform 2 rounds:
15 burpees
50 sit ups
50 scissor legs
20 scorpions
20 dead bugs

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