Surviving A Food Desert

Nov 22


Gross. We’ve all had un-memorable meals at America’s chain restaurants and certainly, all meals are not created equal. When you find yourself in a healthy food desert, here are the best and worst decisions you can make – I chose just 10 food establishments in this country as an example of how wrong or right you can get!

1. Dunkin’ Donuts:

  • Best: Egg and cheese on an english muffin with a hot tea- 240 Calories
  • Worst: Chocolate coconut cake donut with a medium dunkaccino- 900 Calories

2. Starbucks

  • Best: Perfect oatmeal and a grande coffee: 140 calories (add nuts for 60 extra calories)
  • Worst: Sausage & cheddar classic breakfast sandwich and a grande white hot chocolate: 980 calories

3. Chipotle

  • Best: Salad with salsa, black beans, and chicken, along with a bottled water: 340 Calories
  • Worst: Loaded steak burrito with a coke: Over 1200 calories

4. PF Chang’s

  • Best: Orange peel beef and water: 300 calories per serving (watch out ladies, they give you a whopping 3 servings!)
  • Worst: Crispy honey chicken on white rice with a coke- 800 calories

5. Au Bon Pain

  • Best: Half a classic chicken salad sandwich and an apple with water- 300 calories
  • Worst: Black angus steak and cheese sandwich with a coke- 1000 calories

6. Panera Bread

  • Best:  Power mediterranean chicken bowl with bottled water: 360 calories
  • Worst: Chipotle chicken and bacon on french panini with a coke- 1000 calories

7. Subway

  • Best: Turkey breast sandwich with an apple and water – 350 calories
  • Worst: Chicken and bacon ranch melt with a coke – 700 calories

8. Olive Garden

  • Best: Venetian apricot chicken along with water – 400 calories
  • Worst: Tour of Italy and a coke – 1600 calories

9. Applebees

  • Best: Zesty Roma chicken and shrimp with water – 410 calories
  • Worst: Appetizer sampler – 2,370 calories

10. Chili’s

  • Best: Lighter choice 6 oz classic sirloin – 250 calories
  • Worst: Bacon ranch chicken quesadillas and a soda – 2000 calories

Holy balls, right?! Insane!

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