Nov 29


Aah, Black Friday. Mass consumerism at it’s, ahem, best. I avoid it like, well, the “black plague.” But while you’re out and about (and I’m home hacking up a lung from this lingering flu bug) allow me to play armchair quarterback to your shopping habits.

I say, why not shop with a fitness theme this year? Here are plenty of ideas to get you started:

Fitness Wear

  • Woah. Matching sweatsuits at Carbon 38? YES, PLEASE!!! (Ahem, Stanley?)
  • Shopping for your ski enthusiast? Sweaty Betty does an amazing job with under-layers – they’re stylish AND sexy!
  • I can’t live without my New Balance Minimus sneaks for all of my strength workouts. So super comfy and cute, too!
  • My North Face ETip Gloves save me when I’m training in the park – I don’t have to freeze my fingers when texting my clients!

Workout Helpers

  • Everyone should invest in a Foam Roller. Self-myofascial release improves flexibility, function, performance and reduces injury.
  • Though I don’t have one, the Jawbone Up seems to be THE gadget among my tech-savvy fitness addicts. It tracks everything from calories burned to sleep habits.
  • I love snail-mail inspiration. Women’s Health Magazine is a trusty solid among smutty fitness fluffs!
  • Who doesn’t love free fitness classes? Buy her something she’s already doing, like more Zumba classes, yoga sessions or a month at her gym?

Nutrition Assistance

  • Everyone who has it seems to love the Vitamix Blender. When my simple $40 one breaks, I’m hopping on this trend!
  • I can’t live without my Tupperware Snack Cups for on-the-go healthy snacks! I store hummus, nut butters and yogurt dips in mine for my busiest training days.
  • Meal delivery service is luxury at it’s best. Splurge on a week or month’s worth of fresh, farm-to-table eats from the Portable Chef NYC. YUM!
  • Pay it forward with a springtime membership to her local CSA. I cannot tell you how much I’m looking forward to mine!

Show your support and keep your loved ones going strong in 2014!

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