Project Hannah: Week 2

Nov 30


What’s up, y’all! It’s me, Hannah, at the helm with an update on my fitness journey.

One of the biggest reasons I jumped aboard “Project Hannah” was to get a better handle my high-stress life. The last week or so hasn’t been particularly great since finals season and the dreaded Thanksgiving holiday were looming. I always stress about holidays that focus so much attention on eating. I guess you can say I have a somewhat complicated relationship with food – my family struggles with weight and health issues and I’m afraid to inherit both.

To add insult to injury, Thanksgiving is a difficult holiday for a devout vegetarian like myself. While everyone stuffs their faces with meat and food drowned in chicken stock, my plate has sparse side dishes and pie. But this year, since I’m Jenny’s new project, I made SURE to put my needs front and center. As you’ll see from the above photo, my plate consisted of mostly grilled vegetables (thanks, mom)! Best Thanksgiving ever!

As for my workouts, I’m really happy to put my fitness in Jenny’s hands…especially since school is going to eat away my time between now and December 20th. I’ve done two formal strength workouts with Jenny and two on my own. I have to say they’re a blast – even though I feel super silly doing some of the exercises! I thought I would be SUPER sore after every workout, but Jenny pushes me JUST enough so that I can tell I did something but I’m not debilitated. She says that since I’m under so much life stress, she doesn’t want to put me over the edge so that I get sick!

In the “old” days, after 2-hour segments of cardio, I was always beat. But these 30-minute strength workouts make me feel GREAT afterwards! It doesn’t feel like I’m gaining any weight, either, even though I’ve cut my gym time in half, so it’ll be interesting to see my results at our next re-measurement!

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